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Personalized Language Tutoring Services for Rapid Progress

For 5 years old and above


ME Tutoring Team

Our vision is to empower individuals with the language skills they need to thrive not only in school and workplace, but also in a globalized world. We are committed to providing personalized language tutoring that foster rapid progress, cultivates cultural understanding, and unlocks limitless opportunities for our students in future study and career development


Individualized lessons tailored to the student's needs and goals

Small Group

Interactive classes with a maximum of 4 students per group

Exam Prep.

Specialized tutoring for language proficiency exams (e.g., IELTS, Cambridge, CAPLE)

Oversea Courses

Customized oversea language programs with everything arranged for you



Major in

Language / Translation

Having pursued rigorous academic programs focused on language acquisition, linguistics, and translation theory, our tutors possess a solid foundation in language and translation. This exceptional understanding equips them with effective strategies and methods to help students learn in innovative ways beyond traditional methods.


Minimum Master's Degree

We hold our tutors to a high educational standard, requiring a minimum master's degree in their respective language fields. This advanced level of education demonstrates their commitment to continuous learning and their expertise in the subject matter. Their advanced degrees provide them with an in-depth understanding of language structures, cultural contexts, and effective teaching methodologies.



Teaching Experience

Our tutors bring a wealth of practical experience to the table. They have accumulated years of teaching experience, working with learners of various proficiency levels and different educational backgrounds. They also hold a diploma in education, which further enhances their expertise in instructional methodologies, students psychology and classroom mangement.

Choose a language



What we offer:

  1. Customized English Course or Intensive Course 

  2. Customized group English Enlightenment Course

  3. Exam preparations (IELTS, Cambridge)

  4. Storytelling (Individual or small group)

A global language that everyone needs to master



What we offer:

  1. Portuguese and Culture Course for individuals or small group (up to C1)

  2. Individual or small group Enlightenment Course (up to C1)

  3. Exam preparations (CAPLE)

Linguistic bridge to heritage, identity and cultural connections in Macau

german flag.jpg


What we offer:

  1. German  Language and Culture Course for individuals or small group

Taste the unique German Culture, and its difficult Grammar ...

Read me

How this works:

We offer 3 types of tutoring, please choose either way which works best for you

  1. On-site tutoring space: the lessons will take place at the tutoring space at ME Consulting company site! You do not need to worry about finding a comfortable tutoring space. You can check our company address here.

2. ​​In-home tutoring: it is possible for our tutors to go to your own place upon request. This service is perfect for busy parents who don't have time to constantly shuttle their children back-and-forth. An extra transportation fee may apply. For details, please leave us a message at "Get a Quote".

3. Online platform: we are also happy to offer lessons through video-chat. We understand sometimes it might be challenging to fit in-person sessions into your busy schedule. Simply leave us a message at "Get a Quote" and we can arrange a time that suits your need!

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Your availblility
Your availblility

Thank you for your interests! Our Tutoring Team will contact you shortly via WhatsApp/Wechat that you provided in this form. We kindly remind you of accepting our friend request in the respective application!


50% OFF


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Tired of Traditional Teaching Methods?

private tutor.jpg

Too boring? Can't focus?
Can't follow? Can't really learn?

Language is a CONVERSATION!!

Private Tutoring
Saves Your
Money and Time

✓ Customized curriculum
✓ Flexible lesson and location

✓ Individualized feedback
✓ Efficient use of time



IELTS Special Training Course

- Important first step to oversea study
- Intensive and effective training
- Result-oriented methodology

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