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Imperial College London

16-18 years

Imperial College London

Imperial College London is one of the world’s most respected and prestigious academic institutions. As well as ranking consistently in the top ten universities worldwide, Imperial has already produced an impressive number of Nobel laureates – no mean feat considering the university was officially founded as recently as 1907.

Individual Study Tour Service

What's included?

  • ​​2 Week Tuition Fee

  • On-campus Accommodation

  • Excursions

  • Certificate ...

Ready for Some Life-Changing Moments in Life?
✓ International Class

Inspirational venues

Career focused programs

Unique learning model

Exclusive events and fascinating trips

What Will You Learn at Imperial College?

Architecture Summer School

Start Date:  2024-07-14, 2024-07-28

2-Week Course

Designing Tomorrow: Engineering & Technology

Start Date:  2024-07-14, 2024-07-28

2-Week Course

Inventing the Future: Business, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Start Date:  2024-07-14, 2024-07-28

2-Week Course

Law & Politics

Start Date:  2024-07-14, 2024-07-28

2-Week Course

Curing the Future: Medicine & Disease

Start Date:  2024-07-14, 2024-07-28

2-Week Course

Example Course: Law & Politics

Examine the interconnection of law and politics, and take the first step towards a legal career. Focusing on emerging issues in these fields, the programme fosters discussion and debate through legal case studies on a broad range of issues ranging from human rights to globalisation.

How Will You Learn at Imperial College?

// Escape ordinary classroom teaching and learn through interactive and immersive lessons. //


Hands-on classes designed to help students learn through practical application.


Successful and famous guest speakers offer students the chance to pose their most important questions.


Dynamic lectures given by passionate teachers packed with facts and viewpoints to engage the audience.


Working in pairs and small groups, students have plenty of opportunity for discussion and debate.


An interactive forum with an expert in the field, giving students valuable insights into related and new topics.


Essential for honing students’ reasoning abilities and public speaking skills.


An opportunity to work closely with, and learn from, different perspectives.


Our trips provide real examples of the course subject in action, and bring students' learning to life for them.

Where Will You Stay in London?
Imperial College.png
Imperial College Student Accommodation
Founded in:
Bathroom Type:
Bedroom Type:
Student Ages:
En-suite (Single Gender)
Single & Twin
Options, Dates & Fees

What's included?

  • 2-Week Tuitions

  • Study Files & Teaching Materials

  • On-campus Accommodation

  • Welcome and Graduation Events

  • Field Trips

  • Excursions

  • Personalized Academic Report

  • Course Completion Certificate

  • Medical and Pastoral Care

  • Events & Activities

  • Meals

  • Wi-Fi


HK$ 60500

2-Week Course

* The fees listed above should not be considered as the final price, as they will be affected by the fluctuation of the exchange rate, sales, and the price of air tickets. Please click the "QUOTATION" button to inquire about the most updated fees.


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