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Unlock Your Academic Adventure: Study Tours UK

Expand Horizons, Ignite Minds, Fuel Academic Excellence ...

Why Choose Us?

We understand it could be concerning to see your children away from you, which is why our top priority is to offer you and our students a worry-free and enjoyable experience.

See what we have done to ensure this goal:

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Top Private Boarding Schools 

We take great pride in our selection of high-quality partner institutions for our study tours. Our rigorous evaluation process involves visiting schools, examining their facilities, and witnessing their teaching firsthand. This ensures that we collaborate only with esteemed and qualified educational institutions. Rest assured, all our partners are renowned private boarding schools or universities in the UK and are qualified members of British Council.


On-campus Accomodation

Accomodation in the UK is often expensive. However, we have not chosen to compromise safety for the sake of cost. We offer ONLY on-campus accomodation for our students, guaranteeing them a safe and secure environment. With dedicated staff, controlled access, and 24/7 security, we ensure constant supervision and minimizes external risks such as transportaion hazards and other kinds of unnessary hassle. Our comprehensive safety protocols and emergency response plans also provide peace of mind for parents.


High Standard Group Leaders

Our group leaders are carefully selected based on their qualifications, language proficiency, and passion for working with children. To ensure their preparedness, we provide comprehensive training that covers essential areas such as student safety, emergency protocols, cultural sensitivity and group management. Our group leaders act as mentors and guide for our students, fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere where they can thrive academically and personally.


Nationality Mix

We understand the value of participating in a study tour and we encourage our students to make the most of this precious opportunity. That's why we have partnered with institutions that offer a diverse mix of nationalities. This encourages students to engage in English conversation, broadens their global perspectives, cultivates empathy, and foster lifelong friendships and invaluable cross-cultural expereiences.


Health and Safety

Health and safety are of paramount importance to us, and we prioritize the well-being of our students throughout our tour. To ensure this, we provide thorough pre-departure meetings and support to both parents and students, assisting them in preparing for any unforeseen circumstances. During the tour, we conduct comprehensive risk assessments and maintain continuous monitoring of students' mental and physical conditions at school. Our dedicated team is always prepared to handle emergency situations and is readily available to connect parents and students during the tour.

Our Campuses in the UK

All institutions are private boarding schools or universities

For students' safety, we offer on-campus accommodation ONLY

Boarding schools:


For 6-11 years and parents

Course: Little Explorers | Parent Program

Our Eastbourne Centre overlooks the sea and is the term-time home of Bede's Preparatory School. This compact centre, founded as the first Bede's School in 1895, has the feel of a family home and offers a safe and welcoming environment for our youngest students...


For 8-14 years

Course: Adventures in English | Young Influencers

The spacious campus, which welcomes up to 130 international students per week, promote real sense of freedom within nature. Combined with the secure and safe location, this makes Windlesham the perfect site for young children who want to be part of a close and lively community.

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For 11-17 years

Course: London Explorers | English for the Future | LaLiga Football

Surrounded by 100 acres of green spaces, this boarding school is an incredible new location for 2024 in close proximity to London and magnificent attractions of the capital of the UK...

For 12-17 years

Course: English Plus | LaLiga Football | Pro Dance | Zoology | Coding & Robotics

This campus is based in a small village in the middle of the South Downs, just north of the seaside town of Eastbourne and well-known touristic city of Brighton. The spacious school covers over 120 acres of land and has diversified sports facilities...


For 13-17 years

Course: English Plus

Architecturally similar in style to Oxford and Cambridge universities, Lancing's magnificent Gothic buildings include a spectacular dining room and an impressive chapel. The site's hilltop location on the South Downs has views of the seaside town of Brighton and is just 5 minutes from Shoreham Airport, where students can learn to fly...


For 11-17 years


Course: English, Horse-riding, Football, Tennis, Golf, Baking, Design & Tech, Art, Astronomy, Modern Music

Rossall School is located on a 160-acre site, ideally situated on the impressive coastline of North West England. The spacious campus has extensive sports and recreation facilities, including a state-of-the-art sports centre, heated swimming pool, squash courts, Golf Academy...

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Prestigious universities:


For 13-18 years


Course: Business & Entrepreneurship, Medicine, Engineering & Tech, Architecture & Design, Law & Politics

Students are offered the opportunity to live and learn in authentic University of Oxford Colleges, as well as the chances to listen to world-class guest speakers, from politicians to philosophers...


For 13-18 years


Course: Business & Entrepreneurship, Medicine, Engineering & Tech, Law and Politics, Creative Writing

This program offers an exceptional opportunity for students who are looking to experience the vibrant academic atmosphere of one of the world's most prestigious university: the University of Cambridge...


For 12-18 years


University College London

Course: Architecture, Art, Computer Science, Dentistry, Entrepreneurship, Fashion Design, Film-making, Forensic Science, International Politics, Investment Banking, Law, Medicine, Psychology, Veterinary Science

This program delivers experiential career courses for students. Each program is designed and delivered by accomplished industry experts to equip students with a 360° insight into their respective fields...

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For 16-18 years


Course: Architecture, Business and Entrepreneurship, Law & Politics, Engineering and Tech, Medicine & Disease

Founded in 1907, Imperial College London is one of the world's most respected academic institutions. Students are hosted in actual accommodation of the university, offering them an authentic experience and an insight into student life in the UK's capital...


For 15-20 years

Course: English for the Future | Pathway to Higher Education

The University of Sussex is the only university in England that is surrounded by a National Park, so you can walk straight out of the campus into the wonderful Stanmer Park on the South Downs. The campus is just 10 minutes away by train from the city of Brighton...


Our Specialized Courses

Specialized courses always filled up VERY QUICKLY! If you are interested, contact us ASAP.

All the following courses are carried out in Dicker Campus.

Pro Dance

Intensive Dancing plus English program lectured by former member of London Contemporary Dance Theatre, Rambert Dance Company and Scottish Ballet. This program helps students to develop their dance technique and repertoire, as well as giving them invaluable experience of performing to a live audience.

La Liga Football

World class intensive Football and English program provided by Laliga and lectured by professional Spanish coaches and football players from England. Students will improve their skills via LaLiga's authentic traning methodologies, supported by high-performance training, video analysis, Sports Science workshop, masterclasses and individualized feedback.

SBSS L. 04.jpg
Coding & Robotics

English plus Coding program carried out by professional STEM teacher. Students will be given opportunities to stretch their understanding of automated processes and AI control. Learners will work in pairs and will be given tutorials that will enable them to learn the basics of Python, interface with microcontrollers, and use the pi-top modular system to build robots.

Our #MEmoments in Summer 2023

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